Magitec Amusements was approached by the new owner of the Grand Canyon Coaster, who wanted a full replacement control system and lighting. This coaster had an old system that needed to be replaced while still keeping the original drive motors.

Our team started by designing a new control system from scratch. During this process, we updated the DC drive to a digital version and gave it a full refurbishment. We also incorporated a Siemens LOGO! into the control system to give the coaster lap counting and train parking ability when required. This also provides the operator with information such as when the drive hits regen mode and any possible faults using the Siemens LOGO! TDE.

Safety was a primary concern, as the coaster didn’t have any safety devices or monitoring. We added a dual-channel E-stop and an ABB SR10 safety monitoring device to the system. The power to the DC drive is isolated via two high-power contactors, which are also monitored to ensure the system cannot be reset if they fail, preventing the machine from starting up in an unsafe situation.

The train underwent a complete refurbishment and testing of all motors. Additionally, we installed new 12V LED lighting. The station had all new lighting both internally and externally. We also added lighting to the tunnel, which is the next stage in the project to make storing and packing the track and associated parts faster and easier to access.

Overall, the Grand Canyon Coaster received a complete overhaul, resulting in a more modern, efficient, and safer ride for all. Our team took great pride in delivering a high-quality service, and we are delighted to see the coaster operating smoothly with its new control system and lighting.